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Sunday 15th January 2023


This is a donation based workshop, to help you through January with creativity, deep rest, presence of mind &

connecting with others.

This is a free workshop, however if you are able to make a donation to support me and my work, it is very much appreciated, but not expected. You can make a donation via bank transfer or the PayPal link button below...

Name: Miss S D Reynolds
Sort Code: 11-11-77
Account Number: 00274033


Your home, via Zoom.

January can be a challenging time for a lot of us; emotionally, mentally and financially. I'm offering this donation based workshop to bring a bit of light and joy to your January. We will start with a Yoga Nidra practice, which can help to boost your mood, your imagination and provide you with some time to rest after the holiday season. 

This will be followed by a drawing workshop. Something I've never offered online before, but thought this would be a great way to bring more people together, as the materials are a little easier to gather than watercolours!

You will need some paper, a pencil and coloured pencils. A ruler and eraser.

We will be drawing our own, individual healing Mandalas, which is a great way of bringing in inner peace, presence and personal insight. Healing Mandalas are used for Meditation and as a way of exploring your inner self. 

Once you have drawn out your Mandala, set about colouring it in using a variety of colours that symbolise different meanings and intentions. Colouring in can help to reduce stress, calm your mind and help you feel more connected to your playful inner child.

The Workshop Includes:

1 deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra Practice - to encourage you to rest, yet expand your imagination & creative intuition

1 Drawing Session - Let those inner artists out to play, express yourself and create your own symbol of the Universe!

You will need:

For Yoga Nidra...

Comfortable, warm but loose clothing. Perhaps your PJs and dressing gown?

Socks, a jumper, jogging bottoms, etc. A blanket if you're feeling chilly.

You may want a small pillow for your head and under the backs of your knees.


For Drawing...

A comfortable place to make art. A desk / dining table and comfy chair.

Drawing Paper (Printer paper is ok)

Light Pencil for drawing and being able to rub out. (A HB pencil works well)

An eraser and ruler, or something to create straight lines.

Colouring in Pencils / crayons / pens.


Yoga Nidra is usually practiced lying down on the floor (on your back or on your side), but you can choose a position that feels most accessible to you. Practicing on a bed or sofa is a good option, unless you are incredibly tired.

Please make sure you will be FULLY relaxed and comfortable. Visit my 'How to set up for Yoga Nidra' page for more information, or please do contact me for advice.

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