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Saturday 2nd July 2022

10am - 12pm



Price includes materials & a hot drink 

and cake from the coffee shop

I provide good quality materials so you can get the most

out of your watercolour painting!



Creative CoffeeHub, Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak

A slightly different take on my regular Yoga Nidra & Watercolour Workshops. This workshop aims to provide you with a moment of calm, taking time out of your regular day to connect to your breath and explore your creative side!

Ages 12+ are welcome to join with a parent or guardian. 

Painting can have a soothing effect on the nervous system, yet we might tense up when we're painting as we focus too much on 'getting it right' and perhaps painting doesn't come naturally, or you don't consider yourself 'creative'. We all have creativity inside us, some will express it less & some will express it more than others, but it's there.

If we allow ourselves to breathe steadily, slow down and encourage it to the surface, who knows what will happen or how it will make us feel.... 

The Workshop Includes:

Opening & Closing Meditations

Breath Awareness Practices

Watercolour Painting Session

Let those inner artists out to play and dance across the paper.

Ticket price includes a hot drink and cake!

All materials are provided.

You will need:

To wear comfortable clothing.

Although we aren't moving or practicing Yoga, it's good to wear something that you feel relaxed in. Nothing too tight, restrictive or with baggy sleeves. From experience, this can get in the way of painting!

We will be using highly concentrated, good quality paints. These may stain so keep this in mind (don't wear your best white top!)

Bring some water to stay hydrated!

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