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7th March 2021

10:30am - 12:30pm



This online workshop will give you the opportunity to rest body and mind through the practice of Yoga Nidra; a guided relaxation also known as Yogic Sleep and a mindful watercolour painting session. This will be Spring themed!


The Workshop Includes:

1 Yoga Nidra Practice (45 Minutes)

Watercolour Painting Session 

You will need:

A warm cosy space to lie down in, with plenty of pillows and blankets

A suitable space for painting, watercolour paper, watercolour paints, 

brushes, plus two pots of clean water and some tissue / kitchen towel for blotting. 


Although there is no physical Asana involved, we will do some gentle movements prior to settling down for the Yoga Nidra, but nothing strenuous. You can do as much or as little moving as you like. You are also welcome to practice Yoga Nidra seated / slightly reclined or on your side, making sure you are FULLY relaxed and comfortable. 

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