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Booking your Classes    

When booking this class, you agreed to the terms and conditions as stated below.

  • Where necessary, please book your Yoga class through the online booking system.

  • All classes are now run on a block booking system, unless otherwise stated.

  • You must pay for the block upfront, via the online booking system. 

  • If payment is not received, you will lose your allocated space. 

  • All new clients must complete a health questionnaire prior to their first class.

  • Please refer to the cancellation policy below for information on cancelling a booking and refunds.


  • Practices are now under a block booking system which aim to run term time, unless otherwise stated.

  • Block bookings could be 6 weeks, 5 weeks or 8 weeks. 

  • You must sign up for the whole block before the first session starts.

  • If you wish to join a practice after the block starts, you can either pay a drop-in price of £11 for any session you wish to attend during the term, or sign up for the full term on the understanding that there are no refunds or discounts for any sessions you have missed.

  • No crossovers or refunds available for any sessions that you miss out of the block.

  • You will receive a pre-recorded session that you can do at home, if you miss any sessions.

  • If you wish to cancel your block booking, please refer to the cancellation policy.


  • You must pre-book and pay for your Online Yoga class upfront via the online booking system.

  • You will be sent a Zoom Meeting link to join the class. Please note 

  • Payment must be made for each individual who joins the online class. For example, two people in one household must both have booked and paid for the class separately.

  • Each person is required to complete a health questionnaire before their first class.

  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions please make sure you are cleared buy your Doctor / GP to join in with physical activity such as Yoga. Please let us know of any conditions that you may have which could affect your practice, prior to joining the class.

  • Sophie must be able to clearly see you on the screen so set your camera up in a way that shows you on your mat, whilst making sure that you can also see and hear the teacher on the screen.

  • Make sure your practice space is clear and safe. Move any dangerous objects out of the way.

  • Check your internet connection, camera and audio facilities to get the best experience out of our online Yoga practice.

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and have your space set up before you join the class, along with any blocks, blankets for under the knees and a strap. If you don't have props - use your imagination, a sturdy book instead of a block, a scarf instead of a strap or blanket.

  • Remember to always listen to your body and work within your own limitations. If you experience pain at any time, please come out of the position you are in or adjust yourself accordingly. 

  • Please remember that this type of practice is very different to a face to face, studio class. There will be no adjustments however Sophie will do her best to provide options and modifications during the practice. Take the option that feels best for you. 

  • All participants take part in classes at their own risk. Whilst we take reasonable steps to make the classes safe, Sophie Rey accepts no liability for any injury or damage suffered by any participant or any other person in a class. You are fully responsible for your own health and safety during any online sessions that you participate in with Sophie (this includes both Live and Pre-Recorded material.)  

  • Sophie's own Yoga sessions (not Studio classes) may be recorded for safety, insurance and marketing purposes. 


When signing up to any of Sophie's offerings, you are contractually agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

You have a contractual right to cancel any booking you have made with Sophie Rey, however this must adhere to the following terms. 

  • In the event that you can no longer attend your booking, a refund (minus a 10% + admin fee) will be made for cancellations made more than 28 days before the start date.

  • For cancellations less than 28 days before the session there will be no refunds or transfers unless:

  • The block is fully booked and your space can be filled from a waiting list. 

  • You are sick, injured or pregnant and can provide a Doctors note in support of this.

  • In these instances, your booking will either be moved to the next available session or Sophie will refund your fee, minus 20% + admin fees (booking fees).

  • If cancellation is within 48 hours of the appointment time, this will be deemed as a very late cancellation and refunds & crossovers will not be available. 

  • Refunds are not available If you cancel part way through a block booking.

  • Sophie Rey will use her discretion regarding cancellations, on a case by case basis. Please discuss your reasons with Sophie. 

  • Sophie Rey has the right to cancel any class and will ensure you are all made aware. Please make sure you are signed up to Sophie's newsletter as information is sent out this way. Please check your junk mail regularly.

  • Sophie Rey has the right to cancel a class at very late notice if the room or environment is unsuitable or if she is taken ill.

  • Sophie Rey has the right to cancel a booking without notice if the client is intoxicated or inebriated.

  • If you are not due a refund for your cancellation (due to any of the above reasons) but you would like to rebook for another class, please revisit the online booking system.

  • Unexpected Circumstances that are out of Sophie's Control. Sophie is not liable under the circumstances of Natural Disaster, War, Pandemic, Failure by the Venue or other situation that is out of Sophie's control. Where possible, refunds will be available however Sophie will do her best to sort alternative arrangements depending on the scale of the situation. 



Certain medical conditions could affect your Yoga practice. You must confirm whether you have any conditions stated on the questionnaire and inform your Yoga teacher of any changes to medical history.  

  • In certain circumstances, GP permission may be required before taking part. Please speak to your GP regarding any health concerns you have prior to class. 

  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, you understand that you must inform Sophie Rey where necessary and that Sophie is not liable for any future medical issues / injuries which may occur.

  • You understand that your Yoga Teacher is not able to diagnose or treat any injuries / medical conditions. 

Personal Data

  • Information gathered through the consultation form allows Sophie Rey to understand any particular needs you may have. Your Yoga Teacher has a legitimate interest to protect clients before, during and after classes and this allows them to make any necessary adjustments to meet those needs.

  • You will be asked to give consent for personal data processing by confirming that you agree to this on the Health Questionnaire.

  • Personal data is kept completely confidential and secured by Sophie Rey.

  • Your data will not be shared with any third parties. 

  • You have the right to withdraw personal data at any stage. 


  • You will receive a free initial zoom call to discuss your 121 and what you'd like to focus on.

  • Choose whether your session is in-person or online.

  • In-person and Online 121s are the same price.

  • In-person sessions at your own home, will incur travel costs. This will be added to your payment.

  • If you choose to go ahead with 121 sessions, you must pay for your 121 upfront, via the online booking system.

  • You have 48 hours to make the payment otherwise you lose the allocated space.

  • If payment is not received, your session will not be booked.

  • If you decide 121s are not the right fit for you, you have the right to turn them down. Please do so before making any payments. 

  • Once payment has been made, Sophie will start working on your personalised plan. 

  • Once payment has been made, refunds are not permitted.

  • You are within your right to cancel, but please note that refunds are not permitted.

  • Please provide at least 12 hours notice (of your confirmed appointment) if you wish to postpone or cancel.

  • If you choose to cancel your sessions, please discuss your reasons with Sophie. (Under very special circumstances, a refund may be offered at Sophie's discretion)

  • Depending on the circumstances, postponing your sessions to a later / alternative date will be the first option.

  • If you need to rearrange your appointment, please let Sophie know in advance of the session. At least 12 hours notice. 

  • All new clients must complete a health questionnaire prior to their first class, but we will also discuss any matters via the Zoom call. This may be recorded for future reference, but Sophie will confirm if you're happy with this.

  • The location of the 121 will be in Sophie's office space at her home address, unless otherwise arranged.

  • Sophie has the right to turn down 121s. If Sophie cancels your 121 but you have already paid, you will receive a refund.

  • When embarking on a 121, you understand that your Yoga Teacher is not a Physiotherapist or Doctor and is not able to diagnose or treat any injuries / medical conditions.

  • You understand that you and your Yoga Teacher need to work together and explore what feels best for you. Provide as much information as you can to Sophie, so that you can get the most out of your session.

  • You can ask to work on; Breathing Techniques, Yoga Asana, Certain Postures, Strength, mobility, relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Meditation or understanding elements of Yogic Philosophy.

  • Sophie will do her to best to honour what you wish to work on, but will be honest if something is out of her remit. 

Inappropriate Behaviour

  • Sophie Rey has the right to ask clients to leave immediately if the client demonstrates inappropriate or sexual behaviour. 

  • Sophie Rey has the right to refuse anyone who displays inappropriate behaviour.

  • A refund will not be given under these circumstances.   

Feedback forms

  • At various intervals, you may be asked to complete a feedback form, which will be sent to you via email. This includes those who have ticked that they do not wish to receive email marketing material. 

  • Feedback content may be used for website purposes, with the permission of the client.

Children's Yoga

Physical / Hands on adjustments 

  • Yoga Teachers will from time to time need to use physical contact when working with the participants and you accept and acknowledge this. 

  • Verbal cues are used in the first instance, however if a child is unsafe or needs assistance, then the teacher may have to intervene and use light hands on assist / suggestion.

Health and Safety 

  • All participants take part in classes at their own risk. Whilst we take all reasonable steps to make the classes safe, Sophie Rey accepts no liability for any injury or damage suffered by any participant or any other person in a class. 

  • Parents are responsible for their child’s safety before and after class times. Please do intervene with any incidents or upsets that might occur (in the class) with your child. The teachers are there to teach the yoga and not get involved in such occurrences (such as needing the toilet, or nose wiping, tears, etc). If you are staying in the class, either watching or participating, please do keep an eye on your child to ensure that they remain focused on the teaching and class content. This will help keep the child happy, and focused, but most of all safe. (Then if parents aren't staying we need to be able to get hold of them urgently). 

Illness / Medical Conditions 

  • It is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical approval regarding any pre-existing condition of a participant and to disclose any such condition to us before booking. Sophie Rey accepts no liability arising from the medical condition of any participant. 

  • If you miss a lesson, during a block booking, due to illness or any other reason you will not be refunded but you may be able to attend a catch up lesson where there is space within the same block of lessons.

Photography / Filming

  • Photographs and videos may be taken of participants during classes. If you do not wish us to photograph or video your child, please notify us in writing. These images may be used for marketing and general promotional purposes. 


  • Children should wear comfortable / appropriate clothing with no shoes and socks or tights for their lesson. 

  • Please be prompt when arriving to class. Please arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes before the class is due to start. This is to ensure your child is settled and that the class can start on time. If you arrive late and the class has already begun, your child may not be able to attend the session. Arriving late can be disruptive for both the other children and the teacher. 

  • If a participant or any other attendee is unduly disrupting a class, we reserve the right to require him or her to leave the class / wait in the reception area. No fees will be refunded.

  • Classes run in either 4 / 5 or 6 week blocks. Payment must be made before the start of the block to secure your place. 

  • If a course is full, your child will be added to a waiting list and contacted as a priority for the next group. This also relates to if your child has to drop out early for any reason. 

  • We will not force a child to take part in any activity if they do not wish to, however we will lightly encourage them if we feel it is appropriate. 

  • We recommend that you bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water for your child, for after class.

Lost Property

  • Sophie Rey takes no responsibility for any items that are left behind / go missing.

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