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Collaboration with The Clear Space





November 2023

There are currently no further dates planned for this workshop. 


Bournville Quaker Meeting House, 

65 Linden Rd.

Accessibility; This workshop is based on the ground floor of the meeting house, has wheelchair access and downstairs toilets. 

In July 2023 I collaborated with Laura from The Clear Space, by joining offering Somatic Movement & Yoga Nidra at her monthly Sound Bath, which was a huge success!

The Clear Space is run by Laura Babb whose offerings include meditation; sound baths; therapeutic counselling, community events, circles and ceremonies, reiki, and healing. Laura's journey with meditation, well-being, psychology and spirituality started as a way of managing her own mental health struggles. Laura works in a trauma-informed and inclusive way and all Clear Space offerings are about connection with self or others through community.

We've decided to join creative healing forces again and I've invited Laura to run her Sound Bath at my November workshop.


These workshops aim to give you the opportunity to rest body and mind through a beautiful Sound Bath & guided Yoga Nidra, which both help to quieten your mind, reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

When we feel more relaxed and at peace within our inner experience, we allow space for our creativity to shine through. We are more likely to have a go, express ourselves freely and acknowledge our inner critic with kindness.

I then invite you to brighten up your soul & connect

with your inner child through a mindful watercolour painting session, which will include some gentle sounds from Laura throughout, to help guide you back to a place of quiet connection with your inner creative.

The Workshop Includes:

A deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath - Allow your body to rest & quieten your mind whilst expanding your imagination & creative intuition

A Playful Watercolour Painting Session - Be guided by your creative Inner Child!

You will need:

Comfortable clothing / Layers - Socks, a jumper, light, loose clothing.

A Yoga Mat, block & blanket. You may want a small pillow for your head.

Watercolour Art Materials will be included but you are welcome to bring your own.

(Let me know if you choose to bring your own)

Comfortable clothing



A little gentle somatic movement is included however you can do as much or as little moving as you like. The Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra can be practiced lying down on the floor (on your back or on your side) or on a chair. Please make sure you will be fully relaxed and comfortable.

What is a Sound Bath?

During a Sound Bath you are invited to find a comfortable and restful position, either lying down or sitting comfortably on a chair. Laura uses the soothing and nourishing sounds of Koshi chimes and crystal singing bowls to lead you on a deeply restorative journey through the vibrations of the soundscape.

Some studies suggest that certain types of sounds, such as low-frequency sound vibrations and slow-tempo music, can have a positive impact on mental and physical health. Sound can increase feelings of relaxation, decrease anxiety, and reduce cortisol; the stress hormone. Research also suggests that sound therapy can release endorphins, increase feelings of pleasure and reduce pain.

Please visit The Clear Space Website to find out more information on Laura's offerings and Sound Baths. Please note if you are epileptic, pregnant, have a severe clinical mental health diagnosis, or implants such as metal plates, a pacemaker or cochlear implants, a sound bath may not be suitable for you, so please reach out to myself and Laura before booking onto this workshop.

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