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Why choose 1-2-1 support? 

Sometimes we don't get what we personally need from a group class setting, especially if we are new to experiences or have health conditions that may need individual support.

Over the years I've supported clients who have fibromyalgia, are in breast cancer recovery, have long covid, arthritis, hip replacements, depression, anxiety and various injuries which are impacting their day to day mobility, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. My aim is to help each person to reconnect to their body with compassion, love and understanding. I'm not a physiotherapist or therapist, but I will refer clients when required to help support their recovery and overall health and wellbeing. 

My teaching is built on and inspired by Hatha Yoga and Trauma-informed Somatic Practices; which refers to the interaction of your body, thoughts and actions. Somatic practices help you to survey your inner physical and emotional signals and cues, create a deeper mind-body connection, reduce muscle tension, pain or imbalances and release experiences/trauma that may be stored in your body.

Since April 2023 I've been further developing this knowledge by undertaking a 160hr Trauma-Informed Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women training.

All sessions include an initial catch up, check in and grounding practice practice, for the you to develop the skills of self-awareness and self-compassion, practice breath awareness, Pranayama & Meditation.

I offer private Yoga/Somatics, Yoga Nidra or Art Sessions, which are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and can be useful for a variety of reasons, including; 

S O M A T I C S , Y O G A  &  N I D R A

  • Increase self awareness & connection to yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally, to support you through challenges of life with inner strength, compassion and curiousity. 

  • Living with a long-term health condition & have been advised by a specialist that Yoga can help support you.

  • You're an older adult who's looking to reclaim joy within yourself, gain physical strength, balance, flexibility & mobility, alongside boosting your confidence and changing negative mindsets.

  • Recovering from an injury (I recommend you seek advice from a Physiotherapist first).

  • Inviting Yoga into your life as it is traditionally intended, using Yoga as a tool for self-realisation & transformation. 

  • Boost your confidence and compassion for yourself.

  • Living with anxiety, depression or burn out and looking for ways to manage it. 

  • Taking time out to de-stress and relax.

  • Focusing on breathing techniques to improve respiratory function, increase energy & reduce stress, & tension.

  • You're new to Yoga and would like to learn the foundations in Asana (postures) and Pranayama (Breathing techniques).

  • Support and develop your personal / home practice with the guidance of a qualified and professional teacher.

A R T 

  • You would like invite creativity into your life but you aren't sure where to start or with what tools.

  • Increase Connection, Confidence and Trust in yourself.

  • Learn art techniques and improve your skills in drawing, watercolour or acrylic painting.

  • Explore and play with an open mind as you focus on the process of creating, not the outcome.

  • Use Art as an additional tool for self awareness, realisation and support in your healing journey.

  • Improve brain function, memory, imagination and problem solving.

  • Connects you to your inner child, and your sense of playfulness, freedom and joy. 

1-1 sessions are 60 minutes long and run in blocks of 6 or 10 regular sessions.

Regular sessions are important for creating sustainable growth and change over time.

One-off sessions are available to previous and regular clients who have worked with me before, and are useful if there's one particular thing you're looking to work on or need some additional support along the way. 

Spaces are limited. Sessions can be online or in-person, in my home studio.


Block of 6

Block of 10



Please contact me to arrange a free Zoom Connection Call.

All clients will receive an initial consultation so we can discuss your needs, interests and goals before deciding if it's the right fit.

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