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- REST - 

*Please note these sessions are fortnightly. Dates regularly  updated below.

Tuesday evenings* 8:30pm - 9pm

Yoga Nidra or 'Yogic Sleep', is intended to induce deep relaxation in your body & mind, which can help to:

  • Help you feel more focused & refreshed

  •  Reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety & depression

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve creativity

  • Encourage more positive habits

  • Increase self-awareness helping you to discover 

  • your true nature, true self or true being.



Upcoming Dates...

Yoga Nidra will resume in October


Book into a one off Yoga Nidra session for £6.50.  


Purchase a Yoga Nidra 2 class pass for £12.

Can only be used for Yoga Nidra and must be used within 2 weeks.

About the Practice...

Yoga Nidra involves no physical movement and is suitable for all.

It is essentially a guided meditation, all you need to do is get comfy in a lying down or

slightly reclined position and listen to my voice.

No prior experience or knowledge is needed.

There is no expectation in Yoga Nidra, be open to the practice and experiences that come with it. Yoga Nidra can affect people differently. You may feel relaxed and sleepy afterwards or perhaps more energised, or you may have an emotional experience. 

As this is an evening practice, my aim is to help you feel more relaxed before going to bed.

During Yoga Nidra we aim to stay awake however may dip in and out of consciousness, or if our body needs it, we may fall asleep! As soon as we close our eyes, our brainwaves start to change and encourage us into a rest and digest state.  

Throughout our lives we create layers of habits, thoughts, ideas and impressions about ourselves which can often hinder us and lead to anxiety, depression, self-doubt and fear. These layers build up on top of our true nature, that place where we are simply 'content' with ourselves, our surroundings and our lives. Life itself may still be challenging, but we ourselves can learn to handle it a bit better! Through Yoga Nidra we can take time out from these thoughts and impressions, giving our mind and bodies space and rest it needs to just 'be'.

As with anything, the benefits listed above are more likely to occur with regular practice of Yoga Nidra. There's no set timeline or requirement for this, as it's an individual experience but the more you practice the more you will benefit. 

Grab plenty of pillows, blankets and socks and snuggle up in your warm cosy space!

Try to avoid practicing in bed - Keep your Nidra Space separate to your Sleep Space.


1-2-1 Yoga Nidra Sessions are available, personalised just for you. 

Get in touch for more information.