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Somatic Yoga for Older Adults

  Slow paced movement practices, with older adults in mind, that aims to improve your everyday functional mobility, posture, balance and strength, whilst in turn supporting your mental and emotional wellbeing, which can help to reduce the effects of everyday stress or anxiety.


Somatic practices aim to guide you towards being more present & at ease with yourself & your inner experience. They enable you to listen, acknowledge & understand your nervous system, internal signals & cues, even the challenging ones that sometimes we push away, which in turn helps you use your body as a tool for healing from habitual patterns, stressful events, and trauma stored in your body. Somatic Practices can help reduce or release stress, tension and pain, allowing you to feel more connected and at home in your own body. A big part of this practice includes working on your mindset; acknowledge with openness and compassion, and embrace wholeheartedly who and where you are in your life.

Get to know yourself, trust your body & use your breath to help you move with a little more ease & joy. Learn to feel free & open, yet grounded & stable in your body and mind, connect with others of a similar age and explore the many wonderful benefits of Somatic Yoga.

An accessible, supportive & explorative class, which incorporates Somatic Practices (movement, breathing, meditation & mindset) and Hatha Yoga Asana, with a focus on using props like blocks, chairs & blankets to support your body. Sessions are based around certain themes, reflections & Yogic Philosophy, helping to broaden your perspective. Everything is a suggestion & invitation to explore and try out. 

We have a laugh & don't take ourselves too seriously! 

Be part of our Community....



This is a floor / mat based practice and chairs are available for additional support.

We explore functional movement, strength, balance & mobility in a slow paced, Somatic way. Join my Tuesday class for more chair options!


Gentle Somatic Yoga

11:15am - 12:15pm

This class is run on a block booking system during term time.


The Hub Hazelwell, 318 Vicarage Rd, Birmingham B14 7NH

2024 Dates: 

7 Weeks 10th April - 22nd May 


£67 for 7 week block. 

Current members are offered first choice on spaces. If you are new to me, please email to join the waitlist. 


This is a floor/mat & chair based practice. 

Great for those with injuries or health conditions where getting down on the floor isn't an option.

We explore functional movement, balance, mobility & gentle strength options in a slow paced, Somatic way. 


Gentle Somatic Yoga

9:30am - 10:30am

This class is run on a block booking system during term time.


Bournville Quaker Meeting House

(The Friends Meeting House)

65 Linden Rd, Birmingham B30 1JT

2024 Dates: 

7 Weeks 9th April - 21st May


£67 for 7 week block.

Drop-in £11.

There are 3 drop-in spaces available during this block. 


Sessions are run on a block booking basis to provide consistency for all.

Sign up for a block, guarantee your space, get the dates in your diary and make a commitment to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It can feel really challenging starting a movement & body-focused practice, if you have had significant time off, or you have injuries or health conditions. 

First and foremost, we must practice self-compassion and embrace with openness, where you are right now. Shifts, growth and change takes time, practice and patience.

For myself, block booking provides financial stability so that the classes can continue to run. Unfortunately it isn't sustainable to offer only drop-in and I hope you can understand and support this. 

There will only be 3 drop-in spaces available per block and this will be on a first come first served basis.

If you book a space and don't turn up, unfortunately there are no refunds or cross overs.

 With block booking, there are no refunds, discounts or crossovers for any sessions that are missed during the block, however you will be sent a recording of a practice to do at home, alongside additional free video content and information in my newsletters. 

Please contact me if you have any questions!




The word 'Soma' is Greek and means body. Somatics relates to the body, but it's not just the physical mechanical functions, it is everything that makes up your body; your cells, growth, sensations and all that is stored within your body through your experiences in your lifetime.


Somatics refers to body-focused practices and is a bottom-up approach to healing pain and trauma, as it focuses on your nervous system, your bodily cues and sensations and emotions within your body. This can be your body feeling 'unsafe' in situations, whether they are actually unsafe or not. Trauma isn't the event itself, but how an individual reacts to it. Everyone will react differently based on their life circumstances and upbringing. We can get stuck in patterns of holding, beliefs, mindset and feeling unsafe, which can manifest as a variety of illnesses, physical & mental health; anxiety disorders, depression, stress and stress related illnesses, chronic pain and more. 


Somatic body-focused practices help you listen to your body, understand your nervous system and internal cues and regain trust in yourself so you can choose approaches, tools and practices to help you feel safe, whenever you need them. A lot of us are disconnected from our bodies and don't know how to deal with certain emotions and feelings so may turn to substances like alcohol and drugs to numb the feelings or 'escape' them, or we distract ourselves with endless tv, shopping, sex and other things that aren't inherently bad, but can become disruptive to our daily lives and sense of joy and happiness.


Most importantly, there's nothing wrong with you. It's having an understanding that your nervous systrem is just doing it's duty - to keep you safe! There are parts within you that want to protect you and manage situations to be able to keep you safe, but without learning when, how and why we're feeling what we're feeling, we get stuck in the fight or flight or shutdown / freeze state.

Somatic Practices are slow, considered and gentle, providing you the time and space to acknowledge what is happening within your body and inner experience. Everything is a suggestion and exploration, to find what does and doesn't work for you. They allow you to re-connect to your body and rewire the pathways in your brain to change your habitual patterns and beliefs.


So often we are not taught how to self-resource or regulate when we're faced with challenges and heavy emotions, and may end up reacting from a place of fear, anger or frustration. Being able to self-resource is invaluable and a key life skill to have, as we can use these tools and techniques to support ourselves and others; in our community and within our families.

Having the support of a Somatic Teacher & Coach allows for exploration, guidance and co-regulation, which is a vital part of being a human. We need others in our lives who are resourced enough to support and hold space for anything that might come up and know how to navigate that, especially if it is uncomfortable.

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