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The following explains what steps are taken to ensure Sophie's commitment to a high standard of health and safety in Yoga Classes, Workshops and other events, to help prevent accidents and illness.​

  • All students must complete the Health Questionnaire before attending any sessions with Sophie.

  • It is the clients responsibility to confirm any health conditions which may affect the practice they are attending.

  • Sophie aims to support individual needs as best she can and will discuss this with the client beforehand.

  • Sophie takes responsibility with regards to the type of practices she is offering and adheres to stay within the boundaries of the sessions advertised, the people attending and their needs.

  • Sophie will advise on alternative classes or specialist support, if she feels that the client will benefit from it before they attend any of her sessions. (I.e, seeking physiotherapy advice for an injury). 

  • Sophie provides a variety of options for clients to explore within their own limitations and boundaries, and it is up to the client to choose what feels best for them.

  • Sophie is committed to teaching and providing information with a trauma-informed approach, respecting that each individual client is attending with their own unique history, trauma and physicalities. 

  • Sophie understands that some clients may not understand what is best for themselves (due to disassociation and lack of awareness) and Sophie will provide advice she feels might be useful for the client.

  • All clients has a right to say no, stop their practice or leave, if anything doesn't sit right with them. Sophie is committed to checking in with clients to support the wholeness of their experience. 


  • Sophie will provide information regarding each venue and their accessibility through email and on her website.

  • If clients disclose something on their health form which concerns Sophie in relation to the venue, she will contact them directly to discuss it further and ensure the venue / event is suitable.

  • Each venue has their own fire safety procedures and all must adhere to these in the event of a fire. Where necessary Sophie will confirm fire exits, escape routes and meeting points and will ensure these are well sign posted.  

  • Each venue has their own Health and Safety duties, not only to Sophie but to all who enter the building. Any injuries or complaints obtained from the venue, should be discussed with Sophie and she will help you with making a complaint to the necessary persons at the venue.

  • Sophie does her best to ensure all venues and events are safe and completes a risk assessment prior to events being held. 

  • Clients have a responsibility for their own health and safety during any session or event.

  • Food - Sophie has undertaken Food Health and Safety Training.

  • Risk assessments and Health and Safety procedures are undertaken for any new event or venue and are updated every quarterly. 

  • Sophie has previously completed First Aid Training and is currently undertaking First Aid Training for Mental Health, alongside updating her First Aid in the Workplace.



  • Sophie aims to work with any complaints in a reasonable time frame.

  • If you do have a complaint or any concerns, Sophie encourages you to contact her directly via email to arrange a meeting to discuss the nature of your complaint or issue.

  • Sophie aims to resolve any issues with you and support you to the best of her ability.


The following explains the steps taken to ensure my Yoga classes are as low risk as possible in order to avoid the spread of covid-19 and other illnesses.

Indoor Yoga Classes​, Venue; Hazelwell Hub

  • Students will bring their own mats and props. No equipment will be provided.

  • You must adhere to the rules of the Hazelwell Hub upon entering and leaving the venue, this includes any wearing masks and sanitising.

  • Masks are no longer mandatory. It is personal preference if you choose to wear a mask.

  • Students are no longer required to socially distance, however please be respectful of each other's personal spaces and boundaries. 

  • Students are not required to wear a mask during the practice.


  • Toilets are available at the Hazewell Hub and you will need to abide by the rules of these facilities.


  • Please bring your own water bottle.


  • Sophie rarely provides hands on adjustments, only verbal and visual cues, but will always ask for permission before touching any students.

  • Everyone must book and pay in advance using the online booking system so that Sophie is aware of who's attending and any health requirements.

  • No drop-ins allowed. 

  • Student are advised to enter the room in an efficient and respectful manner of each other.


  • Sophie has received three doses of the vaccination. There is no requirement to confirm whether you have been vaccinated or not. 

Cleaning & Ventilation 

  • The Hub Staff are responsible for cleaning the room before and after each session. This has been confirmed via email. 

  • The room is spacious with very high ceilings, which helps with ventilation, however the windows do not open. 


  • You must not come to the class if you, or anyone you are in close contact with, has a temperature or any possible symptoms of covid-19 or other contagious illnesses. Please respect the other people in the class and keep each other safe. 


  • If you test positive, you are not required to disclose whether you have Covid or not. Please use your best judgement and you may consider staying at home if you have symptoms which might be contagious. 

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