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I create beautiful hand painted illustrations for just about any occasion!

Commissions are really personal, so it's important that you feel comfortable when working with a designer. Browse my portfolio to see if you like my style and feel free to get in touch for a chat!


I work closely with my clients to make sure their needs are met throughout the whole design process. Your say is very important, so that we get it just right!

Visit my main ILLUSTRATION page, for more examples of my art work, or my Instagram for more recent updates.

Wisteria Wall Mural_edited.jpg

Each Commission is unique, so there's no 'one fee fits all', but to give you a rough idea of price...


Small & Simple (A6 - A3) Personal Commissions from £50 - £100.

Complex or Detailed Watercolour, Gouache or Acrylic (A6+) Personal Commissions from £90 - £250.

Logo Designs or other Illustrations for business or commercial purposes from £150+. 

Wall Murals from £600+ 


As I said, each design is unique so do get in touch with me to discuss your commission idea and I will provide you with a quote. 

Do let me know if you have a particular budget, but please remember that a lot of time, energy and skill goes into creating art and this is my profession.



Please provide a good idea of your vision for your commission. Include details on sizing, style, shape, font, colour and your budget if you have one, along with your name and phone number. 




Initial Consultation

  • If required, a free initial consultation will take place for Sophie and the client to discuss the client needs. 

  • Client must be able to provide clear details on what they require - sizing, style, shape, font, colour, etc. 

  • Sophie will provide ideas and suggestions based on her capabilities, materials and time frame. 

  • After the initial consultation, Sophie will provide you with a quote for your Commission, unless otherwise specified (i.e Pet Portrait Commissions)



  • A 50% deposit is to be paid up front from the client, via bank transfer.

  • Full payment for Pet Portraits are to be made up front.

  • Sophie will send the client an initial invoice for a security deposit of 50% of the total agreed fee. This must be paid within 48 hours.

  • Once payment is made, Sophie will start work on your commission. 

  • Sophie will sketch initial ideas of what it could look like. You will have the opportunity to make any amendments and confirm whether you are happy with the design or not.

  • After you have confirmed that you are happy to proceed, Sophie will start working on your final design.

  • Any changes that you wish to take place must be confirmed before Sophie works on your final design. 

  • You will have opportunities throughout the design process to make amendments, however will be charged for any major changes (for example, changing full layouts, composition, restarting pieces etc) that you wish to make.

  • You will be charged for any changes that you wish to make after the Logo / Commission has been completed. Please note it can be very challenging to make changes to final pieces of art work, so this will be discussed and Sophie will let you know if it’s possible.

  • Remaining fee to be paid once image has been completed and prior to final artwork being sent to client. 

  • Fee to be agreed by both parties up front. 

  • Any additional work that the client wishes to be carried out, such as editing, fixing to a template etc, will require an additional fee. This fee will depend on what extra work is required.


Image details

  • Price of illustration is dependant per client and the nature of their illustration needs (time scale, complexity of design etc).

  • If further work is required, such as adding a logo design to templates for printing purposes, an additional fee will be added to the final amount and this will be the reflected on the final invoice. 

  • Logos or Digital Images will be sent as a 300DPI PNG, via email. Size of PNG sent can be requested by the client, in cm or mm. 


Illustration and processing time frame 

  • Due to other commitments, it is not always possible for Sophie to complete a commission within a short space of time, I.e one week. 

  • Sophie aims to complete your commission within 4 - 6 weeks of the deposit / payment being made. 

  • Sophie aims to complete any initial design ideas within 14 working days of the deposit being made and will send a photo via Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp / email once the design is completed. Sophie has copyright over this image and it must be not used in any marketing material, until the total fee has been paid. 

  • Time is allowed for the final design to be prepped, ready for marketing purposes; Scanning and necessary editing.

  • If you require your design sooner than this, an additional fee will be required and your order will be classified as a priority. Sophie will confirm whether this is a possibility, in relation to her current work schedule.

  • The additional fee will depend on the complexity of the design and how soon the work is needed. 

  • Once the client has confirmed that they are happy with the design, the Jpeg file will be emailed over. 

  • Unfortunately no refunds can be made if the client then decides that they are not happy with the design or would like changes. 

  • Any changes will incur an additional fee, unless it's an obvious mistake on Sophie's part. 

  • If the client wishes for further support, such as with editing, adding to a template for printing etc, an additional fee will be incurred and this will be reflected on the invoice.

  • Sophie is happy to discuss any issues with the design that the client may have, at any time and aims to keeps the client up to date throughout the whole design process to ensure they are continuously happy and that the design reflects their vision and needs.

  • It is important that the client researches into Sophie’s illustration style to ensure that this is the right fit for their own personal brand or business style. You can view Sophie’s work on her Website, Instagram @Sophiereyyoga_art, or Facebook @sophiereyyoga.

Personal Data

  • Sophie will require some personal information such as contact number and email address, so that Sophie can email you and send picture message updates of your design.

  • Picture messages are usually sent via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, as this is quickest and cheapest way to keep you up to date with your design. You must confirm in writing that you are happy for Sophie to contact you via either of these channels.

  • Images can be sent via email however this must not be used for any marketing material.

  • All images sent by any channel are copyrighted by Sophie Rey until final payment is made. 

  • Personal data is kept completely confidential and secured by Sophie Rey on her laptop which is password protected.

  • Your data will not be shared with any third parties. 

  • You have the right to withdraw personal data at any stage. 

  • You can sign up to Sophie Rey's mailing list via her website, if you wish to receive any additional updates including; Current promotions and offers, workshops and Yoga class information. 



Cancellation Policy 

You have a contractual right to cancel any order you have made with Sophie Rey, however this must adhere to the following described terms. 


  • If the client isn’t happy with the initial design sketches and does not want to continue with the commission, Sophie will provide a 25% refund.

  • If the client decides to cancel the commission order after Sophie has started working on the final design, no refunds will be given.

  • If the client chooses to cancel, you must cancel your order within 48 hours of paying the deposit in order to receive a full deposit refund.


Feedback & Beyond

  • If your commission is to be sent via post, you will be required to pay for packaging and postage. Sophie will confirm this in the later stages and add any additional costs to your final invoice.

  • Sophie advises that you pay for tracked and signed for delivery.

  • Sophie is not responsible for any orders that go missing in the post.

  • Depending on the design, Sophie might be able to recreate your commission if it does go missing. You might be required to pay an additional fee for time and materials.

  • You are welcome to pick your commission up in person if you are local or would prefer not to have it posted. This is free. 

  • After you have received your commission you will be asked to provide feedback or a testimonial.

  • Providing Sophie with constructive feedback helps her to understand client needs and ensure that the commission process has been a successful and positive experience for the client.

  • Any issues that the client has throughout the process or after should be discussed and directly resolved with Sophie.

  • Sophie aims to provide the highest quality art work and will endeavour to make changes, only if it is possible and a reasonable request from the client. 

  • Feedback requests include those who have ticked that they do not wish to receive email marketing material.

  • If you have ticked to say you do not wish to receive marketing material, you will receive NO FURTHER emails or information from Sophie. 

  • Pictures of your commission may be used for website and advertisement purposes. If you do not wish for your image to be shared via Sophie's social media platforms or websites, please let Sophie know.


I'm looking forward to helping you create something personal! 

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