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Some lovely words and constructive feedback from my wonderful clients!

"I am delighted to say how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from 10 one to one sessions with Sophie. My physical strength and balance have clearly improved and what is more I have enjoyed the process. In my sixties I was seriously hesitant about throwing out my lifelong aversion to physical activity. After 10 weeks yoga with Sophie I am becoming a changed person."

- Anonymous

1-2-1 Yoga Client

"Had a great time yesterday at Sophie’s yoga nidra and watercolour art workshop via Zoom. It was my first time doing anything like this but I found it very relaxing and the art class was brilliant. I can’t wait for the next one!"

- Abbie Lydia, Online Yoga Nidra & Art Workshop attendee  

"Sophie Rey is the kindest, most down to earth soul and her teaching is like a little ray of sunshine in my life (how ironic!). Her classes are always creative and introduce new ways to move - uniting breath and body in a glorious flow, culminating in a deep relaxation.  Sophie is warm, nurturing and compassionate towards every student that enters her class and her passion to share her knowledge is evident throughout her teaching. Always look forward to her classes!"

- Olivia Jones

The Soul Shala Student 

Dear Sophie,

I cannot get over how great it was to get back to the Gentle Yoga this morning. Inspirational, fun and great to move and stretch with friends.

Thank you, Janet

''I have been practicing yoga nidra for a few years now and it took me a while to find someone who would be able to help me engage further with the practice. Sophie has been an inspiration from the beginning when I joined her group sessions. 

This experience made me want to try the 1-2-1 yoga nidra sessions that Sophie is offering. She has been very accommodating with the days that the sessions can take place due to my work schedule. She provided me with a more in depth information on what yoga nidra is, what will the sessions involve, aims and possible achievements from our practice. She has taken into consideration my mental/physical needs and preferences and she managed to create 3 fully relaxing, unique and mentally challenging sessions that left me balanced and charged afterwards. I highly recommend the yoga nidra sessions with Sophie and I am looking forward to our next sessions in 2023.'' 

- Stavroula

1-2-1 Yoga Nidra Client 2022 - 2023

Since starting Sophie’s yoga classes, with her quiet patience & individual support, my core strength after major surgery has improved to the point of restoring my confidence in my body’s ability.

- Kim

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

Historically, my flexibility has been limited as a result of slipping a disc in my early 20s. Although osteopathy and acupuncture eliminated the pain I have always had a weakness there and would regularly pull muscles in my back which would leave me hobbling around for day.

Since attending your yoga classes, I’ve seem my flexibility increase greatly and rarely suffer those muscle spasms; any that do occur dissolve in a matter of hours not days.

I’ve found the breathing techniques of great benefit too... a means of releasing tension when a situation may be stressful.

- John

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

Attending Sophie’s yoga classes has helped me gain strength and flexibility . The warm friendly atmosphere enables everyone to feel comfortable whatever their ability. She introduces us to the philosophy of yoga and meditation all of which is invaluable in our daily lives.


Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

Practicing weekly yoga classes with Sophie has really benefited my mind , body and soul .

I have been with Sophie for many years now and I trust her implicitly. She knows when to push me and also when to nurture me.

Yoga leaves me both relaxed and invigorated . Sophie has a great group each week and it really fulfils my social needs as well.

- Mary

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

I have recently had physical health problems such as two replacement hips, arthritis and a breast operation to remove some calcification, followed by radiotherapy.

Obviously this knocked me off my feet for some time and lowered my immunity. I also suffer with fibromyalgia and have found that my physical movement has been much impaired.

After starting yoga with Sophie I found I have become more flexible and more at ease with my movement.

I am addressing my stress levels (which has caused the fibromyalgia) and find that it relaxes me and focuses my mind.

There is also a social element to it being in a group chatting with like-minded people.

I have found it a great help to my physical ability and my mental health.  Especially after covid where we have been isolated and separated for quite some time it is good to feel in a community again, of similar age to myself, with acceptance and non-judgment.

- Virginia 

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

Hi Sophie, This time yesterday evening I was packing my bag ready to set off early the next day to enjoy your Yoga & Art Retreat Day.


The venue was in a wonderful surprise setting and easy parking was so helpful. The whole experience of my time there was much as I envisioned it would be but I must add that it did exceeded my expectations.


Your Mum Val was so welcoming upon my early arrival which was a great start to the yoga/art day. The timetable flowed beautifully with plenty of refreshments offered throughout the whole session. Also, the tasty wholesome food that was provided was appreciated by both myself and Jane; it was an added bonus to the yoga and art!


I’m sorry I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved. On the contrary I can only sing your praises Sophie. I never found 5hrs 30 mins go so quickly. I never looked at my watch once which speaks wonders. Thank you once, thank you twice xx

- Yoga & Art Day Retreat Attendee, Feb 2023

I had so many realisations at your workshop today so I just had to send you feedback! Firstly I expected just a usual workshop, what I received was way more than that. Realisations - I hold my breath way more than I should, my nervous system is shot to s^%t and on so many occasions during the yoga stretch I could feel certain areas revealing themselves as needing more care. When we did the self massage on our neck during stretch it was almost too much - it was that moment I realised how far I have pushed my body and your workshop was exactly the thing I needed. The yoga nidra was beautiful but another example of how much more time I need to spend on myself. I just couldn’t stay still, I couldn’t quieten my mind or body. The watercolour part brought out my childhood passion and reignited something I have watered down for years. Please count me in as a regular from now on. The importance of self care is so real and I have been doing zero until now. Thank you so much for putting on the most powerful workshop I have yet attended, you are a true master of leading and a fabulous teacher. ❤️❤️❤️

- Yoga Nidra & Watercolour workshop Attendee, Nov 2022

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