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To help you embody joy & find freedom in your body & mind, from anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, health conditions and other aspects that might hold you back. 

To share practices that support your nervous system & help you live in harmony with yourself, others and your environment.

To help you uncover your true sense of self through creativity, playfulness and connection.

To invite you to connect with your inner child & inner artist & allow yourself to play & create with curiosity, no matter what your age or experience.

Lead practices that respect the culture and traditions of Yoga and show that Yoga is more than just physical Asana. As a whole, Yoga is incredibly powerful for supporting not only your body, but your mind & spirit.

Are you ready to join  me on this creative   & curious    journey?   xxx

Hi! I'm Sophie, an Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist and Yoga Teacher living in Stirchley, Birmingham with my husband and our cat, Mabel. 

I'm qualified in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Children's Yoga ages 5 - 12 years, Tween Coming of Age Circles with Yoga & Mindfulness and Facial Massage. I'm passionate about sharing accessible, trauma-informed practices, whilst helping adults find their creative expression and joy in life. I have a CPD in Trauma, Resilience and being safely embodied, and recently qualified as a Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women. 


I specialise in Somatic Yoga for older adults and have supported people with a variety of diagnosed health conditions including fibromyalgia, cancer recovery, arthritis, back pain and long covid. I've also worked with Charities to support survivors of modern slavery through Yoga & Art. I provide a safe space for clients to explore their own experience of movement, body and breath to help them reconnect by guiding them through practices that encourage self-awareness, curiosity and self-compassion. 

Somatics, Yoga and Art have helped me through personal challenges in my life, after spending a very long time being disconnected from my own body; not understanding it and not providing it with what it needed which was compassion, listening, nourishment and movement practices that makes me feel joyful, alive and truly at home in my body. My Yoga & Somatic practice helps me listen to my needs and choose an adaptive response that keeps me grounded and connected during difficult times.


I'm here to help you explore, learn and connect to yourself on a deeper level by using a variety of Somatics, Yoga and creative practices, to find your own adaptive coping strategies for whatever challenges you may face in life.

With Gratitude,  
Sophie x


200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

- Sandstone Yoga, Aldridge

40 hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training

- Yogakidz Worldwide

40 hour Yoga Nidra

- Dawn Wright Yoga 

30 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

- Dawn Wright Yoga

10 hour Creating Yoga, Mindfulness & Coming of Age Circles for Tween Girls

- Elena Riu

8 hour Pregnancy Yoga CPD

- Michelle Niklin, Sandstone Yoga

6 hour Hands on Adjust & Assist CPD 

-Dawn Wright Yoga, Sandstone Yoga

Natural Lift Facial Massage Accredited Diploma Course

- Gateway Workshops - Liz Knight

4 hour CPD Trauma, resilience and being safely embodied.

Practical ways to teach yoga with trauma awareness.

- Aneta Idczak, Founder of Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute

160hr Trauma-Informed Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women

- Aneta Idczak, Founder of Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute

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