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Saturday 16th September

2:30pm - 5:30pm


£28 per person


You & a friend both receive 5% OFF when you book together.

After purchasing 2 spaces via the link below, you will receive a code which you both need to 

use to book into the workshop itself & complete the health form.


I provide high quality materials so you can get the most

out of your Acrylic painting!

Sign up to the Workshop and get a free baby plant when you spend over £10 at The Jungle Club, Plant Shop, Moseley, Birmingham U.K


The Sound School @ The Old Print Works, Birmingham, B12 9AH

Accessibility Note; The Sound School is located on the top floor of the The Old Print Works. This is includes two flights of stairs and unfortunately there's no lift. The toilets are located in the basement. 

I've been running in-person Yoga Nidra & Watercolour Workshops since December 2020 and they always bring so much joy, to myself and my clients.


I'd love for you to join me for a playful & explorative

Yoga Nidra & Acrylic Painting workshop


These workshops aim to give you the opportunity to rest your body and mind through the practice of Yoga Nidra;

a guided meditation also known as Yogic Sleep.

Meditation helps create a calm and receptive state of being, which is very much needed for making art!

Yoga Nidra is generally practiced lying down on the floor (on your back or on your side) however you are welcome to sit in a chair. 


I will guide you through a gentle Somatic movement practice, helping you connect to your body with love and compassion, and find joy and playfulness in moving your body. This is not a typical 'Yoga Asana practice', but more of an opportunity for you to move in your own way, as much or as little as you like. I will provide suggestions to help support where you're at. Chairs are available if you don't want to get down on the floor.


Somatic Practices can help reduce or release stress, tension, pain and trauma stored in your body, allowing you to feel at home and present within your body and your experiences.


Finally, brighten up your soul & connect to your inner child with a colourful & expressive painting session.

These are designed for adults of all ages and are suitable for beginners.

Ages 12+ are welcome to join with a parent or guardian. 

The Workshop Includes:

1 Somatic Movement Practice - Connect to your body & breath, ground in the space and warm up your painting muscles.

1 Deeply Relaxing Yoga Nidra Practice - Get cosy under blankets & support your body with pillows to help your rest & expand your imagination & creative intuition.

1 Painting Session - Let those inner artists out to play and dance across the canvas. 

Please wear an apron, an old shirt or something you wouldn't mind getting paint on.

You will need:

Comfortable clothing / Layers - Socks, a jumper, light, loose clothing.

A Yoga Mat, block & blanket. You may want a small pillow for your head.

Art Materials will be included but you are welcome to bring your own.

(Let me know if you choose to bring your own)

Comfortable clothing, water & a snack

An apron, old shirt or something you wouldn't mind getting paint on.

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