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Let your inner child lead the way,

with an open mind and a curious heart


Saturday 8th June 2024

9:30am - 4:30pm



Early bird Price ends 27th April 

£85pp from 27th April


The Fold,

Bransford, Worcester WR6 5JB

I am very excited to welcome you The Fold in Bransford for my fourth Yoga & Art Day Retreat, in Summer 2024.


This Summer retreat day will be an opportunity to

nourish your whole being through;

Gentle Somatic Yoga, a guided Somatic Meditation 

and a walk along 1 of The Folds 3 nature trails.

Use the land as your inspiration to explore art making and to connect with your creative inner child... You will be gifted your own sketchbook!

Relax and have a laugh with other like minded adults!

A nutritious lunch, snacks and hot / cold drinks will be provided.

Vegan and Vegetarian food only.

Let me know if you have any allergies or intolerances. 


I aim to share accessible, trauma-informed practices, whilst helping adults find their creative expression and joy in life, regardless of disabilities or health conditions. 

Gentle physical Movement is involved but you can do as much or as little as you like and if you can let me know of any injuries or medical conditions that you think might affect you on the day, I can plan accordingly and provide you with options to support your needs.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss and health conditions or mobility concerns before booking.

This venue is an organic farm with a lot of land, a cafe and some lovely artisan shops and independent businesses.

The nature trail walk is optional and you will still be provided with alternative activities for connecting with nature and using nature as your inspiration for art making, or you can take a walk around the shops, relax in the Carthouse or cafe with a book or some music.




You don't need to be an artist, or have any clue about art, Yoga or Somatics

(but you can head to my Somatic Yoga page to learn more!)

We aim to embrace all aspects of ourselves!

Come as you are and you dive in, despite any reservations.

Your inner child will thank you for it!

This is for adults (of all ages), but ages 12+ are welcome to join with a parent or guardian. 


Purchase two tickets and receive 10% off.

When was the last time you invited your friend to play!?

Not just go out for dinner or drinks, but something totally

unique, creative and nurturing for the soul!

Please use the VOUCHER CODE to book yourselves in and complete the health form.

Where possible, please car share!

Reach out to me if you need a lift or would like to offer a space in your car.


If these don't answer your specific questions, please get in touch!

I've never done Yoga or Somatic Movement before, can I still join? 

Absolutely! This is beginner friendly, suitable for those 60+ and those who have been practicing for a while. It will be a gentle practice, meaning we will move slowly and consciously. However, movement can still present challenges, even if it's classed as 'gentle', so don't be alarmed if it does feel difficult, either physically, mentally or emotionally. Remember that you always have the choice, to try things out, or to opt out of anything that doesn't feel right for you. We find more growth and transformation within the challenges and more empowerment by deciding what our boundaries and limits are. 

You will need to bring your own Yoga mat and a block, however chairs will be available and make excellent props to support your practice.

Please bring a blanket and a pillow if there is a Yoga Nidra Practice planned and visit the Yoga Nidra page to read up on this guided meditation practice.

I have a health / medical condition, can I still attend? 

Please contact me and provide a little more information regarding your condition, so that I can advise you specifically. My aim is to support and accommodate as many people as I can with Movement and Art as we can all benefit from it so I will find a way to support you. Depending on your condition, I would always recommend contacting your Doctor or medical team for advice on taking part in the movement practice, however this is a small part of the day and shouldn't stop you from attending if you feel it would be right up your street! In most cases, Yoga and Art can be incredibly beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing. Somatic movement can actually be great for those with health conditions and physical conditions, as we take it slow and aim to not force anything. I will provide you with options that you can try. 

The Fold has good accessibility and we will be on the ground floor all day. The Nature Trail involves some steps, inclines and bumpy bits but there are plenty of outdoor spaces for you to connect with nature if this isn't for you!

There are some chairs available and I can give options if you choose to sit on a chair for the practice. You can do as much or as little as you like and everything is always a suggestion, never a command. 

I can't do Art! Do I need to be an artist or have experience of painting to join?

Not at all! This is a beginner friendly retreat day. Keep in mind that there will be a range of experiences and abilities attending, but this isn't necessarily about creating a final image and getting it exactly right. This is about having fun, letting loose and releasing those 'adult expectations' or perfectionist ideas.

Consider a young child who just gets stuck in, wants to play with the colour and make shapes without worry or concern over what comes out at the end. Over time, those fears manifest and this stops us from creating and playing because we don't want to get it wrong. The only way you can get it wrong, is if you don't try! 

You will have the option of being guided through a step by step painting or you can go it alone and express yourself!

What do I need to bring? 

I recommend bringing an apron or an old shirt (like in school!) that you don't mind getting paint, glue or other materials on. Please don't wear your absolute best attire, because sometimes, paint happens. 

You will need to bring your own Yoga mat and a block or two for the Movement practice. 

If you have access to a camping chair, please bring one with you!

For Yoga Nidra, please bring a blanket and a pillow or two (one for under your knees and one for your head). Make sure you have socks and layers, as you want to be warm and comfortable.

Visit the Yoga Nidra page to read up on this guided meditation practice.

You don't need to bring any art materials, unless you want to of course! I want to be able to hold space for you to be creative in your own right, however that shines through! 

Can't make this one? Register your interest in future day retreats...

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