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2nd June - 23rd June

7:30pm - 8:30pm

No further dates planned for this course.

This  4 week online course aims to provide the opportunity to explore art as a way of creating calm, inner peace and focus, through various, relaxing art practices.

Art can be a form of meditation; focusing on one point for an extended period of time, which can help to quieten the mind and calm the nervous system.

This is all about self awareness, experimenting with your creativity and finding an alternative way to practice meditation. 

There will be no expectation to create a final piece of art work as this is more about the journey and process, rather than the outcome. 


This Course will Include:

Breathing Techniques

Art Exploration, Drawing and Painting Exercises

(There will be a small amount of movement to warm up and shake off any self doubt,

which can be done seated or standing.)

You will need:

Art Materials of your choice;

Paints and suitable paper (eg Watercolour paper for watercolour paints)

Cartridge Paper (suitable for a variety of mediums)


Pastels / Crayons / Felt tips

Brushes & Water pots (if you're using paints)

A quiet space, at a desk or table.

You may be asked to bring certain materials to explore colour, texture and shape but these

will be everyday household objects and don't have to be exact. 


These sessions should not be treated as professional therapy for any severe underlying or mental health conditions, however they may be a helpful addition alongside professional treatment. Please note that I am not a trained therapist and you should seek professional help and support if you need it. If you enjoy Art as a way of supporting your health and wellbeing, you may wish to seek professional Art Therapy. 

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