Prepare for Yoga Nidra....

In Yoga Nidra we want to be so comfortable that we have absolutely no desire to move the body. We are in fact journeying away from the physical body through various brain waves to help put the physical body and the thinking mind to sleep.

Below are some examples of how you could position yourself. Usually you would practice on the floor, however if getting down the floor isn't an option, please practice on your bed or sofa (anywhere where there isn't distractions!) Click on the images for more information.

Before settling down, you may wish to do a few gentle movements or stretches or perhaps a couple of rounds of slow paced Sun Salutations. This can help you connect to the body, remove little bits of tension and therefore find it easier to come to stillness in Yoga Nidra. 

My 30 minute Yoga Nidra classes don't include this initial movement, as we settle down straight away, however 5 - 10 minutes prior to the class starting, there's nothing from stopping you!