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I'm a Birmingham based Illustrator (BA hons), fully qualified Yoga Teacher, YogaKidz Children's Yoga Teacher and Facial Massage Therapist.

The Art Life. I’m an illustrator who loves children’s illustration and creating beautiful paintings from the heart. I love watercolour and acrylics, lots of colour, mandala patterns, flowers, crystals, animals and the human body; especially movement and how the body creates shapes and lines.


I am passionate about sharing and creating art for people, alongside helping people to find their own creative expression. In 2020 I ran my first Online Yoga Nidra & Art Workshop. Through regular practice, Yoga Nidra enhances the right side of our brain allowing our creative and imaginative nature to shine through. 

​The Yoga Life. I first started Yoga around 8 years ago as a form of exercise, attending a weekly Vinyasa class with my mom and over the years have delved deeper into the spiritual and philosophical side of Yoga, which lead to me doing my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017-2018. 

I teach beginner and senior friendly Yoga classes to set the foundation, offer a slower paced practice and learn the basics, Vinyasa / Flow for those who enjoy a faster paced class, often moving one breath one movement and creating a moving meditation. Yoga Nidra, a completely still practice aiming to reach a state of Deep Relaxation! 

In 2018 I qualified as a Children's Yoga Teacher through YogaKidz Worldwide. Yoga helps Children to find a bit of calm, manage their emotions, whilst keeping the natural freedom and playfulness that children already have. As we get older,  we become more self-conscious, perhaps even more so as social media increases. Kids need a yoga practice more than ever now, to help equip them with the skills they need to navigate their way through this fast paced, externally stimulating world.

My aim, through Yoga & Art, is to help you uncover your true nature;

Your creativity, playfulness, reconnection to your self and healing.

Please feel free to browse my website, subscribe to my mailing list, check out my Birmingham based Yoga classes or perhaps treat yourself a piece of art work! 

Please introduce yourself, I would love to know who you are <3

Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Thoughts,
Sophie x

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"Sophie Rey is the kindest, most down to earth soul and her teaching is like a little ray of sunshine in my life (how ironic!). Her classes are always creative and introduce new ways to move - uniting breath and body in a glorious flow, culminating in a deep relaxation.  Sophie is warm, nurturing and compassionate towards every student that enters her class and her passion to share her knowledge is evident throughout her teaching. Always look forward to her classes!"

- Olivia Jones

Yoga Student from The Soul Shala, Stourbridge

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