Birmingham, U.K based Illustrator and fully qualified Adult & Kids Yoga Teacher.

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I'm passionate about sharing and creating personal art for people,

alongside helping YOU to find your own creative expression & inner Joy 

through Yoga & Mindful Art!

I believe everyone and anyone can be creative. We are born creative, we just tend to lose it along the journey to adulthood and then struggle to get it back! In 2020 I ran my first Online Yoga Nidra & Art Workshop, with my second following in 2021 and

since then Mindfulness through Art and Yoga & Mindful Art sessions were born! 

I teach Beginner and Senior friendly Yoga classes to set the foundation for a safe physical practice; Slow paced allowing time for exploration, making sure the breath is a constant. This is also perfect if you are always on the go and need to learn to slow down a bit!

Vinyasa / Flow for those who enjoy a faster paced class; often moving one breath one movement and creating a moving meditation. These classes are imaginative, playful and sometimes dynamic. 

 Yoga Nidra; a completely still practice aiming to reach a state of Deep Relaxation! 

Through regular practice, Yoga Nidra enhances the right side of our brain allowing our creative and imaginative nature to shine through. 

I'm also a qualified Children's Yoga Teacher through YogaKidz Worldwide and trained

in Tween Coming of Age Circles with Yoga & Mindfulness.

My aim through Yoga & Art,

is to help people uncover their true sense of self and find inner peace through creativity, playfulness and connection, to themselves, the community & environment.

Please feel free to browse my website, subscribe to my mailing list, check out my Birmingham based Yoga classes, courses & workshops or perhaps treat yourself to a piece of art work! 

Please introduce yourself, I would love to know who you are <3

With Gratitude,
Sophie x

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"Sophie Rey is the kindest, most down to earth soul and her teaching is like a little ray of sunshine in my life (how ironic!). Her classes are always creative and introduce new ways to move - uniting breath and body in a glorious flow, culminating in a deep relaxation.  Sophie is warm, nurturing and compassionate towards every student that enters her class and her passion to share her knowledge is evident throughout her teaching. Always look forward to her classes!"

- Olivia Jones

Yoga Student from The Soul Shala, Stourbridge

"As an artist, therapist and teacher, not only is Sophie bringing happiness, healing and well-being into a world which can often seem bereft of these things, she is doing it according to her essential nature - and that is with compassion, enthusiasm and joy. This is what people respond to - reflected in the smiles on students' faces at the end of a practice".



- Steve Davies

City Yoga Birmingham Student

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