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Saturday 20th July 2024

10am - 12:30pm


This is a donation based online workshop!

If you are able to make a donation to support me and my work, it is very much appreciated, but not expected.

You can make a donation via bank transfer or the PayPal link button below...

Suggested amount £5-£15.

Name: Miss S D Reynolds
Sort Code: 11-11-77
Account Number: 00274033


Your home, via Zoom.

This Workshop Includes:
Somatic movement
Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation
Flow Journaling

Short Creative Practice

We are right on the brink of the Summer holidays and whether you will be enjoying some time off, taking care of the kids or grandkids, or continuing to work through the Summer, this online workshop is an opportunity for a little Reset & Creativity. 

Summer can be wild, and full to the brim of social engagements, activities and wonderful fiery energy - but with this comes the possibility of exhaustion and overwhelm, regardless of whether you thrive on being around people, or you know you need more quiet, alone time. We can all get pulled in, and lose the connection to our own needs and boundaries.  

I'm offering this donation based workshop to help you take some time to check in, move & rest with intention and care for your body, mind and soul, and reset your nervous system, through Somatic movement, Yoga Nidra, flow journaling &/or a short & sweet creative practice.


 Embody your Joy, Gain Trust in your Body and Connect with your Creative Inner Child.


You can use this time to reflect on any personal goals or intentions that you set at the start of the year and acknowledge what you might need to support you through the second half of the year. 

We will start with a Somatic Movement practice, which will include guided movements, but also invite you to move in your own, natural & intuitive way to find freedom, fluidity and self-expression. This is a great way of getting to know yourself and understand your own unique system of Soma, Psyche and Soul!​


We will then settle down for a short Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is type of guided meditation aimed at inducing deep rest of body and mind, which can help you to feel a little more focused, present & refreshed, whilst boosting your mood & imagination. You may be invited to connect with your inner child through a safe, trauma-sensitive approach. 


This will be followed by some time to reflect and journal, and partake in a short & simple creative practice.


All you will need is some paper or a journal, a pencil and coloured pencils or pens. 

I will provide journal prompts for creative flow writing. Journals are a private, safe, raw and unedited space for you to express yourself, your emotions, thoughts, needs, desires and help you to regulate. It is encourages problem solving, creative thinking and can be a very liberating, judgement free space.


This offering is similar to the online workshop I ran in January, which was really well received and can still be accessed by signing up to my newsletter. I've been wanting to run another like it, but haven't had the time or capacity to do so until now!​​​


The Workshop Includes:


1 Somatic Movement Practice - 

To help you connect to your body and breath, reset your nervous system and check in with your needs.

Somatic movement can help to reduce physical and mental tension, learn to feel safe within your body and

acknowledge the emotions that are present, with compassion, curiosity and openess.  

Remember emotions are a broad spectrum between feeling despair, and feeling joyful and ecstatic,

and a Somatic approach aims to help you recognise that your emotions are not the enemy

and there is nothing wrong with you. You can feel and be safe.

1 Deeply Relaxing Yoga Nidra Practice

To encourage you to pause and rest, yet invite your imagination & creative intuition to expand!


1 Flow Writing Practice -

You will be given a journal prompt and I will set a timer, giving you space to write as much as you can without overthinking or censoring yourself. 

1 Short & Sweet Creative Practice -

Writing isn't for everyone, so if you're not into journaling, you're welcome to join me in a short & sweet drawing practice. Whilst the timer is on for flow writing, you can use this an an opportunity for some relaxed, observational doodling. 


​You will need:


For Movement & Yoga Nidra

Space to move - Yoga mat is optional. 

Comfortable, loose clothing. Pjs are acceptable!

A blanket for comfort / to avoid getting chilly.

A small pillow for your head and under the backs of your knees 


For Journaling & Doodling...

A comfortable place to sit for journal or drawing. A desk / dining table and comfy chair.

Paper (Printer paper is ok) or a Journal.

Pencils, Coloured Pencils / Pens / Crayons.

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