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Join me for a balance practice....

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

A few weeks ago I posted my blog, '5 ways to improve your balance with Gentle Yoga'.

Maintaining balance and strength is so important as we get older, to help us feel steady on our feet and keep our independence.

I like to add a variety of functional and strength based movements into my classes, which keeps it interesting but also benefits us physically and mentally. Learning to balance and playing around with your balance brings an awareness to your body, so when you're going about your daily life, you have that awareness ingrained in you and are less likely to stumble or fall. Balancing also requires a lot of focus and concentration. If you are balancing on one leg, you can't think about anything else, except FOCUS ON YOUR BALANCE AND BREATH.

These practices can be done pretty much anywhere and I recommend doing them daily! Try them in the morning to help wake your feet up after a night in bed! Use props like a wall, chair or a block for extra support.

Remember it's ok to wobble and depending on your state of mind and how you feel physically, each time you practice could be a difference experience. Go in with an open mind and compassion for where you are starting today.

Let's put those into practice together!

You might want to grab a chair, a block, stand by a wall and take your shoes and socks off.

If you found this practice useful and would like to try class with me, sign up to one of my Birmingham based Gentle Yoga Practices starting after the Easter Holidays!

In-Person at Hub Hazelwell, kings Heath / Stirchley

Block Booking Only - See details Below or visit the link above to book!

With Gratitude,

Sophie Rey xx

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