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5 Reasons Why Creative Play Isn't Just For Children!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

A lot of Adults lose their creativity early on in life, if it’s not nurtured or encouraged when we’re children. As children, we start to understand ‘failures’ and that’s not always a good feeling, so if we can avoid failing & feeling bad, we’re all good!

When we're growing up, we start to become more serious, because adults are serious, right? We’re not supposed to be silly. Playing is for children… not grown ups!

This can start at a young age, as children and teens become aware of their bodies and ‘social status’. It's too embarrassing to be seen doing childish things.

Play is for everyone and adults need it just as much as children. It’s important to remember that our child-self is still within us & it will show up if we're not providing it with what it needs.

What is Play?

Play is for pleasure! Play is taking part in an activity that has no end goal or any real purpose, except for pure joy and pleasure.

The definition is “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose,” which I know a lot of people think ‘I haven’t got time to mess around, I’ve got dinner to cook, a house to clean, the kids to sort out and I’m working all the time!’ but this is exactly why we need to play as adults, to counteract the demanding, serious, busyness of life. If you have children, play with them! Use them as your excuse to be a child too, just for a few minutes.

Let your inner child play with your child. How beautiful is that!? Your children will love this playful side of you!

Here are 5 reasons why playing is really beneficial for Adults!

  1. Reduces Stress. The body’s natural feel-good chemical ‘endorphins’ are released which can reduce stress and pain in your body.

  2. Improves Brain Function. This helps with memory, coordination and problem solving. This isn’t just about painting, there are lots of different ways to play and we each enjoy a different variety of play for example, games like chess or word and number puzzles are really enjoyable to lots of people and this is really great for cognitive function. Others will enjoy painting and colouring in, movement like roller skating, playing tag, hide and seek, going on swings or even a water pistol fight.

  3. Increases Connection, Confidence and Trust. Not only with yourself, but in your relationships with others. This can help reduce social isolation and loneliness. It’s really important to note, that 2 & 3 are really useful and important qualities for work!

  4. Play boosts your imagination and your creativity. It encourages our over-thinking mind and stressed out minds to take a break and let insights, images and ideas come through. If we are really stressed and anxious, our creative mind shuts off. We need to be in a relaxed state to let your mind open up and find creative clarity. This is why I include Yoga Nidra in my Yoga & Art workshops and retreats.

  5. It connects you to your inner child. Helping you to understand your habits, behaviours, fears and needs that show up in your adult-self. It’s actually your inner child needing something from you! Think of a time when you’ve rolled your eyes at someone, or had an adult tantrum about something. This is your vulnerable and emotional inner child reaching out and saying HEY I FEEL XYZ (unsafe, fearful, hurt etc), listen to me!

What games or activities did you love as a child, that you haven’t done in years and would like to reconnect to?!

My inner child invites your inner child to my Yoga & Art Workshops for adults!

These workshops aren't professional therapy, but they are an opportunity for healing through painting and self-expression. Put your adult self to one side for a few hours and let your inner child lead the way. Get stuck in with painting & exploring colours, move your body for joy & connect with others 💛

Workshops are run throughout the year, usually around 6 - 8 weeks apart depending on School holidays. Do visit my workshops and events page for more information and to find the next available workshop in the South Birmingham area....


With Gratitude,

Sophie xxx

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