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We all deserve time for ourselves and Nourish & Nurture is the perfect package to help you to do just that! Buy this package for yourself or treat a loved one!
What's included...
60 Minute 1:2:1 Yoga Session 
35 - 40 Minute Natural Lift Facial Massage Treatment
Gift Vouchers Available - Treat your female friend, relative or Mum to Be! 

With this package, you will receive a 60 Minute 1:2:1 Yoga Session, completely tailored to meet your needs. This could include working through Physical Postures, helping to build strength, flexibility and balance or guiding you through Meditation and breathing practices to help find useful tips and tools to manage stress or to promote better sleep.

After your 1:2:1, you will receive a Natural Lift Facial Massage. This treatment acts as an extended relaxation to your 1:2:1 Yoga session. Taking 35-40 minutes out will help your body and mind to relax and for everything to gently sink in. You will leave feeling refreshed and glowing! 

We dedicate around 2 hours for this package, to allow time before and after for consultation. You will need to complete a Yoga & Massage Health Questionnaire upon booking and any health concerns will need to be discussed with Sophie beforehand.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.