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Saturday 13th January 2024

2:30pm - 4:30pm


This is a free / donation based online workshop to support you through January with a creative reset!

If you are able to make a donation to support me and my work, it is very much appreciated, but not expected.

You can make a donation via bank transfer or the PayPal link button below...

Suggested amount £5-£15.

Name: Miss S D Reynolds
Sort Code: 11-11-77
Account Number: 00274033


Your home, via Zoom.

This Workshop Includes:
Somatic movement & dance practice
Somatic Meditation
Time for Creative flow journa

Please note, I will not be teaching you how to art journal.

I will offer journaling prompts and suggestions, and show you snippets from my own journal 

but this is a space for self-expression and connection to your own inner wisdom & creativity.


January can be a challenging time for a lot of us, so I'm offering this donation based workshop to bring a bit of light and joy to your January.

Through Somatic movement and dance, Somatic meditation inspired by Yoga Nidra and creative flow journaling, I invite you to reclaim your inner joy, regain trust in your body and reconnect with your creative inner child.

We will start with a Somatic Movement and Dance practice, to help you reconnect with your body, shake off the seasonal slump, tension and self-doubt and express yourself through your natural & intuitive movement to find fluidity and freedom. I will provide a playlist via Spotify but you are welcome to choose your own music that brings you joy! 

We will move into a Somatic Meditation which can help bring some focus, a boost of imagination & invite you to connect to your inner child. It's also an opportunity for some much needed time to rest after the holiday season. 

This will be followed by some time to reflect and journal. I will provide journal prompts for creative flow writing. Journals are a private, safe, raw and unedited space for you to express yourself, your emotions, thoughts, needs, desires and help you to regulate. It is encourages problem solving, creative thinking and can be a very liberating, judgement free space. 

I encourage you to bring coloured pencils, paints or interesting ephemera (if you like to keep scrap paper, postcards and the like) which you can stick in your journal.

This is a new offering that I've never delivered before. I'm really excited to share this Somatic work with you as I ease into my role of Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated to help me with future sessions and I do aim to provide a monthly space to come together dance, journal and find some lightness and joy all year through!

You will need:

For Somatic Movement, Dance & Meditation...

A safe space to move! A Yoga mat is optional or a carpeted area.

Something to play music on - Spotify will play adverts if you don't have an account. I will also try to find some advert free YouTube music for those without Spotify. Feel free to play your own or be music free.

Comfortable clothing. leggings, joggers, t-shirts. Nothing restrictive.

Socks & a jumper.

A comfortable space to lie down or sit in a chair / sofa.

A blanket / small pillow for your head. 


For Journaling...

A comfortable place to sit and journal - A desk / dining table / comfy chair.

A journal - I recommend Stationary Island A5 Dotted Bullet Journal (Amazon)

Drawing Paper / Printer paper instead of a journal.

Light Pencil for drawing and being able to rub out. (A HB pencil works well)

An eraser and ruler, or something to create straight lines.

Colouring in Pencils / crayons / pens.

Optional paints (I will have watercolours with me), Washi tape, postcards etc.

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