Yoga can seem like an absolute minefield but there's no need to panic!

Check out the class styles below.


We are all different and our practice is our own, so if there's anything you feel you'd like to discuss to really ensure you have full access to a class, please talk to me!


A slower paced style of class to help find what works for you. Perfect for beginners, over 60s, those who are pregnant, or those with injuries or medical conditions.

These classes help to improve strength, mobility and posture, aim to help to reduce stress, sleep better and in turn feel more energised.

We explore physical Asana practice in a slow paced and supportive way, warming up the body and learning how to stay safe in foundational postures, finding suitable variations, as well as getting the most out of your practice through the use of props.

We look at how to work with the breath (Pranayama) to help support our movements and ease stress and tension in the body and mind.


Move in sync with the breath, flowing from one posture to the next in a creative sequence that is sure to build strength and flexibility whilst aiming to bring you into a meditative state. Explore Yoga Asana, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Yoga Philosophy. 

All classes start and end with an opportunity to slow it all down and simply connect with your breath to arrive in the present moment. 

Options & variations are given to encourage empowerment and ownership over your personal practice. If something didn't feel right, or you're not sure about something - Please speak to me! Together we can find the right option for you! 


Introduces you to Yoga and new ways to approach your posture, breath and meditative practice. These classes are similar to Gentle Yoga as the pace is slow, giving enough time to get in and out of postures. The only difference is that they can sometimes feel challenging as we build up strength and start to use muscles that we may not have previously said hello to before! 

variety of variations for poses are given along with opportunities to learn how to use props to empower and support your practice. Yogic philosophy and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) are included in each session. 

Perfect for Beginners & Seniors, but great for anyone at any stage in their yoga journey. 


Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep, is similar to guided meditation. You are taken on a journey of breath and body awareness, with the aim of staying awake; although you may dip in and out of consciousness, or if our body needs it, we may fall asleep! As soon as we close our eyes, our brainwaves start to change and encourages us into a rest and digest state.  

Yoga Nidra involves no physical movement and is suitable for all. No prior experience or knowledge is needed, all you need to do is get comfy in a lying down or slightly reclined position and listen to my voice. 

Read more on the Yoga Nidra page of my website!